Additional character is roughly +50% of price.
All prices are in USD.
This price list applies only to private commissions. For commercial orders, please contact me individually.

Last update: 30th April 2019

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Speedpaintings: $85 - $100+

Speedpaintings: $85 - $100+

Rough, simple artwork kept in illustrative/painterly style. Speedpaintings are done in single sitting, there is no sketch or approval stage!
Usually done within 3-4 hours.

Portraits: $80 - $100

Portrait: $80 - $100

Painterly portraits with simple backgrounds. They can be cropped or painted on square format to be used as icons. One character per piece only.

Fully Detailed Artworks: $200 - $350+

Character Artworks: $200 - $300+

Fully detailed and colored, representative piece of your character. Backgrounds are simple and fitting character with color scheme. These pictures are focused on character's exposure, not on illustrative picture with heavily sceneric backgrounds.
Prices depend on character, details and how complex the idea is.

Full Illustrations: $350+

Fully detailed, time consuming, scenic piece. Includes full background, lighting and details. Each is completely unique and special.

Character Designs: $250 - $350+

Character Design: $250 - $350+

Custom character on simple greyscale/colored background. Characters are made from scratch, based on provided descriptions, keywords, wishes and desires. This option is also for people who want to see their character as different species or if they want me to redesign existing character as well. This option is limited to single fullbody piece with variations available.
Prices depend on character, details and how complex the idea is.

Reference Sheets: $150+

Reference Sheets:

Reference sheets are the most complex commission type I offer. They take extended amount of time and may need to be split across multiple openings if the content list is large. Number of reference sheets per month is limited.
Price is determined on desired shots, character design and details. Every reference sheet includes layout, name logo and color sheet by default. Please note that I work in painterly style - there is no flat color version, or lineart version.
Price is a sum from desired content. There is no flat rate.
Important: Reference sheets are type meant for characters with existing visual representations. If your character wasn't drawn before and you only have text description and no reference of your particular character - I will not accept your commission request. Please consider commissioning a character design piece and then expand it into a reference sheet.

Fullbody: $150+
Small details [e.g. eye, jewelry, claws, etc] - $5 - $10 per detail
Bigger details [e.g. portraits, paws, etc] - $20 - $40 per detail
Complex shots [e.g. wingspreads, action shots, etc] - $50 - $150 per shot


While it isn't a separate type, it's important to note that reference sheets with multiple fullbody shots, mood-sets and details take substantially more time than basic ones. Usual time frame for huge-sheet is at least two months. Please keep that in mind if you plan to order one!