Q: Can I reserve a slot for later?
A: No. I don't provide slot reservations or waiting list. Please stay tuned for opening in journal on one of the art sites. If you are not sure about opening dates, feel free to email me [address on the left].

Q: Can I commission birthday gift for someone?
A: Yes, however you should contact me at least month before deadline, during ongoing commission opening. Otherwise I will have to refuse.

Q: Can you make/crop an icon from particular artwork you made for me?
A: Yes, free of charge.

Q: Can you make/crop a wallpaper in given size from particular artwork you made for me?
A: Yes, except icons. Please keep in mind vertical artworks are problematic and fashioning a wallpaper out of them might be impossible.

Q: Can I receive original pencil sketch if it was made for my artwork?
A: Yes, shipping costs are US 10usd, Europe 5usd, everywhere else - please ask, it varies.

Q: Can I buy a print of my commission from you?
A: You can find selection of prints at my Inprnt. If artwork you are interested in is not there, feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do.

Q: Do you offer traditional commissions?
A: Yes, but they are very limited, and openings are extremely rare.

Q: Can I commission you for tattoo design?
A: You can commission me for picture and use it as PERSONAL tattoo - I'd be honoured! However please keep in mind I am not a tattooist - my digital art may not translate well into tattoo in terms of detail or color. Be sure to contact professionals before making any decisions. I will not hold any responsibilities in terms how you decide to use my art on your body in permanent way. If you are interested in commissioning me for commercial tattoo design, it's matter for individual discussion.

Q: How can I commission custom doll from you?
A: All dolls are collaborative work with Akryl. I am not responsible for our doll creations as a single person. We mutually decided we don't enjoy making dolls as commissions, instead we can sell premade items from time to time. I apologize, but there is no possibility to commission dolls from us.